Meet the CRG

Cr Irene Grant: Councillor, Rural City of Wangaratta

Janine Rolles: Economic Development & Tourism Coordinator, Rural City of Wangaratta

Fiona Roberts: Community Engagement Officer, Department of Energy, Environment and Climate Action

Tennille Hall: Executive Officer, Pangerang Community House

Karly Duncombe: Principal, Glenrowan Primary School

Ken Gaudion: Member, Warby Ranges Landcare Group

John Naylor: Clean Energy Lead, Wangaratta Landcare & Sustainability Group

Tony Tanner: Secretary, Greta Sporting Complex Inc.

Dion Stevenson: Treasurer, The Centre for Continuing Education

Ricky Spokes: Member, Glenrowan-Warby Ranges Lions Club

John Cazaly: Member, Glenrowan-Warby Ranges Lions Club.

Benefit sharing

Pacific Partnerships Energy is committed to delivering social and local economic benefits for the community in which it operates and has developed constructive partnerships with its local communities and stakeholders. The Glenrowan Solar Farm CRG has identified meaningful benefit sharing opportunities and potential long-term initiatives that contribute to the local economy.

Our approach to engaging with the community is based on mutual respect, integrity and a genuine understanding that by working closely with local residents and surrounding communities, opportunities can be developed to share benefits and create better project outcomes.

Community benefit sharing is about creating a positive legacy in the local community. Benefit sharing also needs to be tailored to local circumstances, culture and need. Our approach to delivering benefit sharing over the project lifecycle is underpinned by the following key objectives:

  • Maximise opportunities to deliver long-term social and economic outcomes that meet local needs
  • Develop and deliver a benefit sharing program that is fair and equitable
  • Be mutually beneficial 
  • Develop a diverse suite of benefit sharing options that aim for inclusion
  • Include a focus on First Nations benefit sharing
  • Improve energy literacy in the region.

Glenrowan Solar Farm's community-driven benefit sharing program was developed with the help of the project's Community Reference Group (CRG). The program was also informed by feedback received through the community survey undertaken in June-July 2023.

The program is delivering social, environmental and economic outcomes that meet local needs, and aims to create a positive legacy for the local community.

Community groups in the Wangaratta region were invited to apply for funding under the first round (2023) of the Glenrowan Solar Farm Community Benefit Sharing Program. Funding applications were assessed by the CRG and were announced in late December 2023. Read more here.

The program funds applications for initiatives that demonstrate a direct local benefit and that support the natural environment and climate change, health and wellbeing, population growth and youth retention, training, skills and education and improving energy literacy.