What we are doing

Community benefit sharing

We are committed to working in partnership with the community to help identify benefit sharing initiatives that can deliver long-term benefits for neighbours and residents. We believe the development of partnerships and engagement approaches that refine and deliver on “sharing the rewards of renewable energy development with local communities” is important to being a good neighbour. This could be through a range of different options including funding for development of potential education, skills and training initiatives, community grants, sponsorship and legacy initiatives. The Community Reference Group is playing an important role in informing community benefit sharing initiatives. 

The project will utilise local employees and businesses as much as possible, and we will implement policies to support local jobs, training and procurement.

Community Reference Group

To better understand how best we can contribute to the community’s needs in a meaningful and constructive way, we have established a Community Reference Group (CRG). This group provides a forum for members of the local community to stay informed about development of the project and ensure the aspirations and concerns of the community are understood and considered. The CRG plays an important role in informing any community benefit sharing initiatives.